Family Poem
We are family,
To God we say merci!
Carters and Jones-Jones and Carters,
They were the initial starters.
Looking back over the years,
With pride, happiness and tears.
Those who have gone before us,
Never gave up in disgust.
Our footsteps of service are seen,
Our commitments are impossible to contravene.
We know who holds our hands,
He who gives all commands.
Look around what do you see,
People who set examples of how life should be.
We sacrifice, toil and strive,
We operate with relentless drive.
Like lions we roar,
Like eagles we soar.
With humility go on and confess,
Each generation of Carter/Jones God does bless.
Written by
Vicki R. Craig, Esq.
5th generation descendant of Billy Carter